Protests in Tripoli Spiraled Out of Control

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Furious protests have been re-erupting across Lebanon, where protesters who have lost all hope in the government marched in the streets and closed roads and highways.

Unafraid of the coronavirus, they are taking to the streets again to protest the downfall of the financial system because they believe if the virus doesn’t kill them, hunger will.

The protests in Tripoli have spiraled out of control on the night of Monday, April 27th, where violence between protesters and the army took place.

Feeling like they have nothing left to lose, the hungry and desperate protesters in Tripoli took to the streets in a more furious manner than ever before.

The protests, which began around 9:30 PM, did not receive much acknowledgment from Lebanese news channels, hence the hashtag “TV shows are more important than hunger” went circulating on social media.

The angry clashes between the army and protesters resulted in at least 20 serious injuries, Al-Jadeed reported; at least four were soldiers.

Sadly, a young man who appeared to have been shot in the chest died from his injuries. His name was Fawaz Fouad Samman and he was 26-year-old.

In addition, during the riot, an army vehicle was set on fire in the middle of Al-Nour Square.

As one Twitter user put it, “Tripoli was the beating heart of the Lebanon protests. They tried everything to get heard, to no avail.”

The protests have come a long way from their peaceful stance. Demonstrators all over Lebanon feel their efforts have been disregarded by the government.

Recently, the parliament voted against holding early elections, among other main demands of the October 17 Revolution.

The desperation of the Lebanese citizens is growing as the value of the Lebanese currency tumbles against the dollar.

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