PSA: Make Way For Ambulances!

Lebanese Red Cross

Pave way for the ambulance

 is a Lebanese page that recently shared an awareness video on Facebook on how important it is to give the right of passage to ambulances. Thanks to the effort of this new initiative, people will be more aware of the situation of ambulances on Lebanese roads. This initiative got started by a concerned Lebanese citizen and her four-year-old daughter. Through this page, they want to remind people that ambulances save lives, so traffic decreases the patients’ chances for survival. We should note that there is a lot of traffic in Lebanon because most people use cars as a means of transportation. Most of the roads are in a bad condition. Potholes and carelessly asphalted roads are what Lebanese drivers have to deal with on a daily basis. Unfortunately, highways are no exception. This leads to the daily occurrence of numerous car accidents which cause traffic, thus, making it harder for ambulances to get faster to the hospital. Many countries solved this issue by building hard shoulders. These are emergency stopping lanes that were created to be used for emergency purposes to avoid traffic. These lanes are used by emergency vehicles. Regular drivers that are in a critical situation may use this special driving lane. As much as it is important to be aware of such things, the government should make an effort in providing safe roads to people and emergency vehicles. Most of the accidents in Lebanon are caused by speeding, potholes, and poorly-lit roads. Yes, people should respect the average speed. However, the government should put more effort into the enforcement of the law. Check out this video from South Korea and how people responded when an accident happened in a tunnel:

Blood donation is another way to save lives!

While we’re at it, you can save the lives of your fellow human beings in another way which is blood donation. To make things easier, a Lebanese woman called Roula El Halabi created a mobile application called


. This app serves as a network that gathers donors, recipients, hospitals and blood banks. Whether you’re a blood donor or you need blood, you can use this app. All you have to do is to register. Remember, not all heroes wear capes!