Public Administration Employees In Lebanon Are Renewing Their Open Strike For A 2nd Week


The state-run NNA reported that the administrative body of the “Public Administration Employees Association” called for the continuation of their open strike and for a sit-in on Tuesday 28th in front of the Beirut Port.

In their statement, they stressed the importance of the rest of the public sector to “massively” join them on Tuesday to defend their rights.

They indicated that instead of receiving answers to their demands, they received complaints:

“As the second week of the open strike has passed with firmness and steadfastness on part of the employees who are defending their livelihood, unfortunately, nothing was heard from the concerned sides but complaints against the strike instead of resorting to addressing its causes.”

The strike started on June 13th as a result of the frustration of the employees wanting the government to respond to their demands amid their worsening conditions due to the economic crisis.

Some of their demands include increasing salaries, recalculating the retirement pension, increasing health and social benefits, and securing fuel vouchers.

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