Public Transport Drivers in Lebanon Don’t Have To Pay Mechanic Fees This Year
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The union of the road transportation sector in Lebanon issued a statement announcing that public transport drivers will be exempted from mechanic fees of 2020. They will also be given LBP 400,000 each as financial assistance.

Public transport drivers have stopped working due to the general mobilization decreed by the Council of Ministers in March.

The union confirmed that the Lebanese government has responded to the request to approve financial assistance to the drivers, as well as exemption from mechanic fees.

According to NNA, the union saluted drivers for their commitment to the decision of general mobilization despite the economic and social conditions they suffer as a result of their cessation of work.

“They have put the public interest, the health of their families, citizens, and the health of the country at the expense of their livelihood.”

“The amount of LBP 400,000 is not a substitute for their monthly income, but rather assistance from the state, appreciating the economic and financial conditions that our beloved country Lebanon is going through,” the union stated.

According to NNA, the mechanism for obtaining financial assistance is limited to the relevant ministries and official departments. The union of the road transportation sector has no executive role in this matter.

The union concluded its statement explaining that, as per the laws, its role and requirements, is limited to improving conditions of workers in the sector.

It reinstated that it has nothing to do with anything related to financial assistance or any other related matters. Financial assistance will be offered by the Lebanese government.

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