12 Pubs In Lebanon You Must Check Out With Your Friends

It’s no secret that Lebanon’s nightlife scene is very much alive, but most people typically associate this with clubs.

And yet, there are plenty of lesser-known great pubs that will allow you to blow off some steam with friends in a more relaxed setting.

If you’re looking for one of these places, we’ve got twelve excellent suggestions for you:

#1 The Attic Bar (Badaro)

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This bar hidden away on the main street of Badaro in Beirut holds true to its name.

The Attic Bar serves as an eclectic place to chill with friends if clubbing as a night out is not really what you’re after. It’s full of antique pieces like old suitcases, mismatched chairs and sofas, and antique lighting.

The very-in design of today’s pubs and restaurants in the world. Their crafted cocktails are also sure to please with herbal infusions and tropical concoctions. 

#2 Pierre and Friends (Batroun)

If you’re looking for a beachside hangout, Pierre and Friends is the place you should head to. From day to night, it’s a more relaxed vibe with the sound of the sea waves splashing against the pebbled beach in the background.

They have a full bar that will satisfy all your cocktail fanciness, as well as a good restaurant that offers delicious Lebanese mezza and fresh sea catches of the day. 

#3 Lock Stock (Mar Mikhael)

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This more cozy pub on Armenia Street in Mar Mikhael, Beirut, is all about crafted cocktails, and they do them very well.

They have a daily special cocktail of the day, as well as bites to eat if you feel like munching while having a drink.

They have live music performances on weekends and an eclectic playlist of music from different decades during weeknights. 

#4 Electric Bing Sutt (Gemmayze)

One of the newest additions to the Beirut pub scene, Electric Bing Sutt is a cool watering hole on Gourad Street in Gemmayze that embodies a more New York City-style vibe.

Based on the “bing sutts” of Hong Kong, it offers Asian-Mediterranean fusion cocktails and a great Asian fusion menu. They have funky music and occasional all-vinyl DJ sets from time to time as well. 

#5 Demo Bar (Gemmayze)

Demo is a hidden gem tucked away in the side streets of Gemmayze. It attracts people from all walks of life, whether foreigners or locals, with its inviting ambiance and tasty cocktails.

You can even have a great crafted coffee beverage if you’re not feeling like having alcohol. It’s a delightful place to socialize with your friends or have a chat with an old friend and groove to some music. 

#6 Rose (Dbayeh)

Located on the seaside part of Dbayeh, north of Beirut, Rose is a quaint pub inspired by Teita Rose. The decor is full of cute knick-knacks that will surely remind you of your own grandma’s house.

There is a lovely outdoor garden area to enjoy the nice summer weather, as well as plenty of seating space on bar stools inside. The cocktails are fresh, and the bites are yummy, so it’s a nice place to spend your evening with friends. 

#7 Colonel (Batroun)

Colonel is Lebanon’s first craft beer maker, and the venue itself, which is located in Batroun, is a nice getaway from the busy city.

You can sit outside either in the beer garden or at the newer Colonel Reef beach bar, and enjoy some quality Lebanese-made craft beer.

They also have a full bar for cocktails if you’re not feeling like having a beer, and you can order some munchies from the bar menu. It’s a really relaxing atmosphere to socialize with friends. 

#8 Kissproof (Badaro)

Kissproof, located on the Badaro main street, is a great neighborhood pub to converse with friends. They have several signature cocktails as well as a massive menu of imported bottled beer.

You can enjoy the summer nighttime breeze on the patio with a cold beverage and a street view. They also have great coffee. 

#9 Cafe Em Nazih (Gemmayze)

If you want a more authentic Lebanese experience, Cafe Em Nazih offers just that. It’s decorated in traditional Lebanese tile and furnishings and even has the traditional Lebanese sitting for the arguileh’s smoking on the patio.

There is live music on various nights, as well as quiz nights and other activities. It’s a very low-key vibe with standard cocktails, beer, and unique coffee blends. The restaurant also offers traditional home-cooked Lebanese dishes and mezza

#10 Anise (Mar Mikhael)

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Anise is a classic pub focused primarily on arak and absynthe, hence the name. Located on a side street of Mar Mikhael in Beirut, it is reminiscent of earlier days with prohibition-style craft cocktails and its carpentered bar. It’s a more grown-up place to enjoy a nice cocktail with a few friends.

#11 Neighbors (Hamra)

Neighbors is one of those hole-in-the-wall places that is just so good. It’s tucked away not far from Hamra Street in Beirut and has two floors with a cozy balcony.

You can have some laughs over a pint of draft beer or order more standard cocktails. They also have tasty food if you feel like snacking. 

#12 Abou Elie (Manara)

Abou Elie is not what you’d expect when looking at it on the outside. Located in a strip mall in Manara, Beirut, it looks like a suburban pit stop, but when you walk inside, you will find it covered with posters of the radical Che Guevara, Lenin, and other communist icons.

It’s a Hamra locals’ secret, and it’s an unapologetic yet welcoming cool place to check out, no matter your political views. 

There are so many watering holes to discover in Lebanon if you prefer not to go clubbing. Hidden or otherwise, these twelve pubs each have a distinct character and will provide an inviting atmosphere for you and your friends to enjoy your night.

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