Putin Will Provide Satellite Images Of The Beirut Port To Help Investigation

Valdai Club Foundation

During his participation in the Valdai Club Discussion on Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said he will not hesitate to provide satellite images of the Beirut Port if it helps the investigations.

The Valdai Club is a discussion forum where thousands of intellectuals meet to discuss world affairs.

President Putin shared in their meeting and discussed many matters, including climate change, coronavirus, and Lebanon.

He said that what had caused the Beirut Port explosion, in his opinion, is the authorities not dealing with the ammonium nitrate for their own gain.

Regarding the satellite images, he said that he doesn’t know if they will help. He will, however, look into the matter and provide them if they exist, and help the investigations.

Upon being asked about whether he supports Hezbollah’s stance regarding Judge Tarek Bitar, he said that he can’t take sides in this matter since it’s counterproductive.

He also emphasized the importance of resolving disputes in Lebanon through discussions and talks instead of bloodshed, which is not in the interest of anyone.

Putin also said that he has contact with most political parties in Lebanon and that Russia will work to achieve settlement among all parties through peaceful talks.

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