140 Quarantine Beds Are Prepared In Rafic Hariri Hospital For Any Coronavirus Uprising

Lebanese Minister of Health Hamad Hasan confirmed to LBCI that 140 beds have been prepared in the Rafic Hariri Hospital after the first coronavirus case has been confirmed in Lebanon on Friday, February 21st.

The health minister confirmed that his ministry has planned a visit to Rafic Hariri hospital on Saturday to supervise the preparations, in an attempt to ease up the major feeling of terror that has started to arise with the Lebanese people.

According to Hasan, the hospital administration is ready to increase the number of beds when necessary to isolate any traveler coming from areas where coronavirus is present.

Hamad has confirmed that, as of this moment, only one case of coronavirus has been found in Lebanon, despite some rumors around two other people with symptoms of coronavirus.

Minister of Health explained to LBCI that there are warehouses containing abundant quantities of coronavirus protection kits, such as face masks and gloves. “We will take deterrent measures to prevent monopoly in this regard,” the minister insisted.

Even though a travel ban has not yet to be endorsed, Hamad advised the Lebanese people residing in Lebanon not to leave to contaminated countries: “No need to travel to countries that have recorded coronavirus cases, except in cases of extreme necessity.”

The Lebanese health minister also revealed on Friday that inspection of arriving planes will be conducted on Saturday: “We will visit all airplanes arriving at Beirut International Airport to observe patients closely. Tomorrow, we will report to the government if there is a need for additional measures to reduce the spread of the infection.”

Coronavirus has been recorded in at least 29 countries, excluding China;  2,236 people have died while 75,685 infections confirmed in China, according to Chinese government figures.

According to Al Jazeera, the countries with coronavirus recorded are (as of February 21):

China (75,685) – Japan (634) – South Korea (204) – Singapore (86) – Thailand (36) – USA (26) – Taiwan (24) – Malaysia (22) – Iran (18) – Australia (17)  – Vietnam (16) – Germany (16) – France (12) –   Canada (9) –  UAE (9) – UK (9) – Italy (6) – The Philipinnes (3) – India (3) – Spain (2) – Russia (2)  – Sweden (1) – Sri Linka (1)   – Nepal (1)  – Israel (1) – Findland (1) – Egypt (1) – Belgium (1) – Combodia (1) – Lebanon (1).

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