You Can Now Ask Questions About COVID-19 Vaccine With This New Hotline

You Can Now Ask Questions About COVID-19 Vaccines With This New Hotline

The Lebanese Health Ministry on Friday launched a dedicated hotline for coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine inquiries.

In a statement, the Ministry announced the reinstatement of the 1214 hotline on both landlines and the two mobile phone networks, Alfa and Touch. The number now serves to provide answers to citizens’ questions about vaccination against COVID-19.

In addition to answering questions, the new hotline offers help to gain access to the vaccine registration platform for those who need it.

It also provides technical support, with the Health Ministry’s help, to citizens who want to retrieve deleted messages that contain the link leading to the platform.

Finally, it serves to receive reports about vaccination side effects, if experienced by a recipient of the vaccine.

The Ministry said that the 1787 hotline and the landline number 01/832700 will continue to operate and receive calls related to COVID-19 patients and to record complaints.

The first shipment of COVID-19 vaccine doses is expected to reach Lebanon this week, and vaccination is expected to launch on Sunday.

Citizens who would like to be vaccinated can do so by registering on the Health Ministry’s dedicated platform, here.

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