8 annoying questions your Lebanese relatives will ask you during Christmas dinner!

Christmas dinner is all fun and games until your

Lebanese relatives

start asking you personal and embarrassing questions. If you’re an expat who hasn’t visited Lebanon in a while, we wish you the best of luck getting through dinner because you’ll be the center of attention.

What is your major?

  No matter how many times your relatives asked you this question, they will ask it every time they see you. If your major is related to technology, good luck in explaining that to your grandparents.

What do you do for living?

  Get ready to explain to your relatives what you do for a living especially if it’s a new profession such as digital marketing or app developing.

Are you seeing anyone?

  That’s a signal that you should run. Whether you answer with a yes or a no, the rest of the questions will be more embarrassing.

When do you plan on giving us grandchildren?

  That’s when you realize that coming to dinner was a bad idea after all.

How is your GPA?

  If your GPA rocks then you’re lucky. If not, then pretend you’re doing great in school.

Do you remember me?

  This question is usually asked by a relative that you had seen once in your life… when you were two years old! How am I supposed to remember you?

Have you gained (or lost) weight?

  Admit it; your relatives are body weight scales.

What do you think of the political situation in the country?

  Try avoiding political discussions.

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