Dreadful Queues At Gas Stations Across Lebanon Are Back Again

Nabil Ismail / Annahar

Long queues are back again across gas stations in Lebanon as many distributors started a general strike at the beginning of the week.

On Thursday, fuel prices increased for the second time this week due to the increase in fuel and gas prices worldwide.

Diesel prices have increased by 23% since the start of the week.

The main problem leading to the ongoing crisis is due to many gas station owners not being able to get enough quantities since importing companies are asking them to pay in “fresh” dollars, rather than in Lebanese pounds.

The fuel crisis has been on-again, off-again since the summer of 2021, which saw people waiting for long dreading hours in front of fuel stations.

The gas and fuel crisis also led to severe and harsh power outages nationwide.

To add more pressure on the daily lives of the Lebanese people, the Russian-Ukrainian war came as a further crisis to Lebanon.

Recent studies show that the Lebanese people will pay a “huge sum” of the crisis in Europe, as Lebanon is likely to face more poverty, a higher inflation rate, wheat, and fuel crisis.

The war will also lead more families in Lebanon into poverty, as Lebanon is now seeing its breadbasket “being bombed.”

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