Quick tips on how to vote in tomorrow’s election

Lebanese citizens between the ages of 21 and 29 will be able to vote for the first time in the parliamentary election tomorrow. The new electoral system is confusing people. Check out these tips!

#1 Check if your name is registered on the voters’ list

In the previous elections, a lot of people were disappointed to find out that their names were not registered on the voters’ list. Make sure your name is on the list by visiting this


. Enter your information and find out where your “alam” or polling station is.

#2 Do not forget to bring your ID or a valid Lebanese passport

Or else you won’t be allowed to vote.

#3 Make sure you know about the new voting process

The ballot contains the list of candidates. You can vote for a list, or a list and your favorite candidate of that list.

  • You can vote only for one list.
  • You can vote for a whole list or one candidate within a list.
  • You can vote for a whole list and tick a preferential vote within that list.
  • If you voted for a list and ticked a preferential vote within another list, your vote for the list will count.

Your vote will not count if:

  • If you did not vote for a list or a candidate.
  • If you voted for many lists or to candidates that belong to different lists.
  • If you draw symbols or write words on the ballot.

#4 There might be traffic, so plan accordingly

An option would be taking a cab instead of driving a car because finding a parking spot near the polling station might be hard especially if it’s located in Beirut. Make the right choice! Good luck!

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