Lebanese Journalist & Vocal Hezbollah Critic Rabih Tlais Missing After Uncovering Ammonium Nitrate

Lebanese journalist Rabih Tlais, a vocal critic of Hezbollah, has been missing for several days now.

A month ago, Rabih published a report showing images and a video taken at an alleged Hezbollah missile factory in the Beirut suburb of Jnah.

The images and video showed what Rabih confirmed to be ammonium nitrate – the same explosive material that set off the massive blast at the Beirut Port on August 4th.

The reported missile factory was pinpointed by Israeli PM Netanyahu in an address to the United Nations. When reporters were invited by Hezbollah hours later to ‘prove’ them wrong, they found nothing.

Except Rabih was able to access an upper-level platform where he found the material and metal sheets with missile warhead-shaped cut-offs.

Since its publication, Rabih Tlais told several of his friends that he was threatened and being followed. In a video he released a couple of weeks ago, he reported that Hezbollah was trying to frame him for “working with Israel.”

On December 17th, reporters started tweeting about Tlais being harassed by Hezbollah members.

The journalist, Rabih Tlais, who writes in Sawt Beirut International and who strips Hezbollah is being harassed by Iran mercenaries in Lebanon…,” journalist Antonio I. Haddad tweeted, calling the “white hands” to prevent him from being harmed and find proper ways to have him released.

On December 20th, Dr. Hadi Mourad tweeted that Tlais contacted him on Thursday (December 17th) and confirmed to him that he is in big trouble and couldn’t speak much with him.

“Since then, Rabih is missing and we don’t know his whereabouts, and even his parents don’t know anything,” Dr. Murad said.

“We place this matter in the custody of the security forces for immediate intervention, otherwise, we will have a different conversation with the henchmen of the authority, and its mercenaries and leadership,” he warned.

via Maria Maaloof (Twitter)

Rabih’s family, friends, and close contacts reported that he was acting increasingly nervous and worried, leading up to a few days ago when no one was able to reach or locate him.

via Nabil Hamdan (Twitter)

All calls and texts have since gone unanswered. Rabih’s last tweet was from 8 days ago.

A protest in support of Rabih is planned at 10 am on Monday in front of the Justice Palace.

Update: Rabih Tlais has been found.

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