Patriarch Al Rahi Urges The Lebanese Politicians To Form Government The Soonest

Dalati Nohra

At a sermon on Sunday, Maronite Patriarch Bechara Boutros Al Rahi urged politicians to speed up the process of forming a government as it’s crucial to allow authorities to prepare for presidential elections due at the end of October.

“Again I demand speeding up the formation of a national government with the country’s pressing need for it and so that the focus can immediately be on preparations to elect a president who saves the country,” Al Rahi stated.

Najib Mikati was named Prime Minister last Thursday, securing the votes of 54 out of 128 lawmakers. But with the conflicts going on between the ruling politicians, it is thought that Mikati will struggle to form a government. This could halt and paralyze the deal made with the IMF that promises monetary aid.

The process of forming a cabinet is also complicated by the impending question of who will replace President Aoun when his term ends on October 31.

All of these delays in forming a government and choosing the next president are delaying the IMF deal that would unlock the $3 billion to aid the country in its financial crisis.

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