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25+ Signs You Were Raised By Lebanese Parents

Charlene Ross | Mark Hachem

These are some dead giveaways you were raised by Lebanese parents. They apply even if you were raised by Lebanese immigrant parents.

#1 You’re forcibly bilingual and also often trilingual

#2 Your family gatherings are huge

#3 You learned to greet people with three kisses

#4 If you grew up abroad, you thought every Lebanese adult was your aunt/uncle

#5 And thought every Lebanese kid was your cousin

#6 Your parents hated when you walked barefoot at home

#7 You drank 7-UP & herbal tea as a cure over taking medicine

#8 You went to school even when sick because education was … importanter

#9 They expected you to become either an engineer or a doctor


#10 You don’t leave the house right after showering…

…and you’ll enforce the same on your kids as your parents did (probably you are already doing so).

#11 You always wear a “flanella”/undershirt… because they’ve always forced you to

#12 You wear a jacket even if it isn’t cold… as a parental condition for you to go out

It's not even cold mom! | WHEN YOUR MOM TELLS YOU TO BRING A JACKET AND YOU IGNORE HER | image tagged in memes,jack nicholson the shining snow | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

#13 The kitchen drawer in your family home is full of plastic bags

#14 And there is always a shelf of empty containers waiting to be reused

#16 It’s just normal for you that your parents fight with guests to pay the bill at restaurants

And you might be doing the same…

#17 Free stuff stashed from airplanes and hotels “decorate” your family bathroom

#18 Hummus for you is not a trend but something you grew up with

#19 You almost always have zaatar at home

#20 Similarly, olives are a staple in your house

#21 If you think the above is not enough signs, that gallon of olive oil stored at home gives you up

#22 The fancy salon and dining room at home are reserved for guests

#23 A curio for crystal glasses and souvenirs is always there… for no one to touch


#24 You know what it is to wait for the door conversation to end

#25 You know to run for your life when you see the hand pinch gesture


#26 Your parents eagerly socialize with your friends visiting

#27 Your mom/dad is always the first person you call when you are in trouble or achieve something…

No matter your age and marital status…

#28 “Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother” is your life main principle

#29 You’ve long learned that getting grounded is for your best… although never proven

#30 You get phone calls from your mom/dad all the time, even when you are on a date…

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25+ Signs You Were Raised By Lebanese Parents

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