RAMCO Can No Longer Collect Garbage In Various Areas Of Lebanon


RAMCO Waste Management announced on Sunday that it will no longer operate within Beirut, El-Metn, and Kesserwan districts, that is if the Lebanese government does not pay its dues in US dollars as per the contract.

Otherwise, the company will not be able to to pay its debts to the banks nor pay its obligations and operational costs.

Plus, the company is now unable to provide fuel after the Banks Association and the Central Bank issued the new restrictions, especially the circular regarding paying the price of fuel in cash.

RAMCO stated that it is now in a state of helplessness. The company will be forced to suspend work for the next few days. They expressed their apologies to the citizens and the municipalities for the accumulation of waste.

They appealed for the government to find a quick solution and to commit to the terms of the contract, “especially since this sector is public and vital.”

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