Lebanese Designer Rami Kadi Is Set To Release His First NFT Collection

@grazia_me | @ramikadi

The acclaimed Lebanese Fashion Designer Rami Kadi is set to release “Lucid Algorithms: A Metaverse”, a collection meant to be the first human-computer couture.

This makes him the first designer on the Cardano blockchain, pioneering the future of fashion in an immersive NFT couture experience.

Metaverse is a digital and virtual world that requires the transfer of value by ownership of on-chain assets, known as NFTs. Every NFT has a unique identifying code, its own digital signature, which makes it impossible to be exchanged for, or equal to, one another.

Kadi’s team posted an Instagram: “As a pioneer of technology in couture, we are pleased to announce that #RamiKadi is the first designer on the #Cardano blockchain, set to launch his SS2022 NFT collection soon. Stay tuned for an immersive NFT couture experience that will profoundly shape the future of fashion.”

This combination of physical and digital with the Lucid Algorithms, “the very first human-computer couture co-creation of this scale” collection will be showcased as a part of Rami Kadi’s Spring and Summer 2022 couture fashion week in Paris on January 25th and 26th.

As for the collection, which is composed of 40 looks, it is scheduled to be released on February 2nd.

This is not the first time Rami Kadi releases a “technologized” collection.

In 2019, he presented the first-ever cyber fashion show in the Middle East for his Spring and Summer 2020 collection “Kaleidoscope” which included 3D printed designs.