Ramlet al-Baida eden construction

Construction Of Ramlet al-Baida Resort Has Been Stopped For Investigation

Lebanon’s Shura Council ordered a temporary stop to the construction of the resort on Ramlet al-Baida. There has been a  lot of controversy about this project since this beach is seen as Beirut’s last public beach.

Eden Bay resort, the project undertaken by Achour Development, is set on 5,188 sq metres of Beirut’s coast. It has an estimated investment value of $500 million (USD).

Ramlet al-Baida

Achour Development

The Shura council said in a statement that an investigation is required based on public health and safety concerns.

This statement was released following a legal appeal to the council by Legal Agenda and the Green Line Association back in November.

Ramlet al-Baida eden

Miniature of Eden Bay Resort – Photo: Greg Demarque | Executive

Both organizations claim that the construction of the resort on Ramlet al-Baida violates urban planning, environmental protection, and property ownership codes.

The Shura Council is an administrative court that oversees decisions made by the state. It has the right to demand a review of rulings.

Ramlet al-Baida

Jamal Saidi/Reuters

The decision suspends the construction license for 30 days and required the government to investigate the project based on the above concerns.

It also requires the companies involved in the Ramlet al-Baida project to cooperate and file a response within a month.

Beirut Mayor, Jamal Itani, told the Daily Star in a response:

We will abide by the decision but we will review it and make sure it covers everything. It was a very complicated situation. We stress that we will abide by the decision of the Shura Council.”

Ramlet al-Baida eden construction

Image: The Daily Star/Hasan Shaaban

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Construction Of Ramlet al-Baida Resort Has Been Stopped For Investigation

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