Lebanese Political Analyst Exposes Lebanon’s Core Problem (Video)

Dr. Rami Rayess, a known journalist and professor in politics, is well informed about the complexity of Lebanese politics, which he openly shared with 961News during an interview.

“The more we are divided as Lebanese, the more intervention we should expect from foreign powers,” he said about those political interventions in the country, which had been a continuous phenomenon.

He describes the country as an “arena for international and regional influences” and denounces this situation to be one of the reasons for the lack of development in Lebanon.

The discussion proceeds about the Taif Agreement, which was signed in 1989 and was known to have been successful in ending the fifteen years of the Lebanese Civil War.

Nevertheless, it didn’t succeed in solving the political confessional system, which “has allowed the sectarian forces to enforce their interests at the stake of the national interest of the country,” according to Dr. Rayess, who is also the advisor to the President of the Progressive Socialist Party (PSP), Walid Jumblatt.

Political sectarianism is today the major problem in Lebanon and is a crucial obstacle for a united and developed country.

To Dr. Rayess, the solution lies in the correct implementation of the Taif Agreement, which has never been fully and efficiently carried out.

Finally, he discusses the Failed State and describes the economic situation as a “possible starting point for the Lebanese people to unite.

He explains that “the socio-economic sphere could be a common denominator for all the Lebanese, who have the same difficulties” therefore having common goals. which will be a factor for unity.

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Lebanese Political Analyst Exposes Lebanon's Core Problem (Video)

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