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13 Lebanese were just ranked among the Middle East's most influential women for 2018


Forbes Middle East shared a list of the region's most influential women for 2018. The list comprises 100 businesswomen and female executives. Thirteen Lebanese women made the list!

"Today women in the Arab world have advanced in industries that were typically male dominated, breaking the proverbial glass ceiling. They lead companies in oil and gas while pioneering the next innovation in cryptocurrencies or fintech."

These are the criteria that Forbes Middle East took into consideration while formulating the ranking:

• Revenues of the companies that they lead.
• The role that they perform.
• The amount of experience that they possess.
• The growth of their firm.

#1 Elissar Farah Antonios

Via Elissar Farah Antonios

Rank: 27

Title: CEO

Company: Citibank U.A.E.

#2 Mona Bawarshi

Rank: 57

Title: CEO

Company: Gezairi Transport

#3 Ingie Chalhoub

Via Ingie Chalhoub

Rank: 60

Title: President and Managing Director

Company: Etoile Group

#4 Randa El Assaad

Rank: 62

Title: CEO

Company: Arif & Bintoak Architects and Engineers

#5 Hala Fadel

Via Twitter

Rank: 67

Title: Partner

Company: Leap Ventures

#6 Karine Labaky

Via Twitter

Rank: 74

Title: General Manager and Country Chair - Levant

Company: Sanofi

#7 Joumana Chelala

Via Joumana Chelala

Rank: 75

Title: Deputy General Manager, Head of Group Consumer Banking

Company: Byblos Bank

#8 Leila Hoteit

@abc_bahrainembedded via  

Rank: 76

Title: Managing Director and Partner

Company: Boston Consulting Group

#9 Christine Sfeir

Via Facebook

Rank: 81

Title: CEO

Company: Treats Holding

#10 Nadia Cheaib

Via Twitter

Rank: 90

Title: Founder and CEO

Company: Clingroup Holding

#11 Myrna Soufan

Rank: 93

Title: COO

Company: Banque Bemo

#12 Sana Khater

Via Twitter

Rank: 99

Title: CFO

Company: Waha Capital

#13 Jinan Zoya

Via Twitter

Rank: 100

Title: General Manager

Company: Family Business Council - Gulf

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