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This Lebanese Rooftop Lounge Was Awarded Best Overall Bar 2019

It won two awards actually, including the Middle East and Africa Bar Award at the prestigious international Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2019

Spine Beirut won two awards recently at the prestigious international Restaurant & Bar Design Awards' contests'2019: Best Overall Bar and the Middle East and Africa Bar. This place is the first rooftop bar design concept focused on the sky of Naccache, Lebanon, and is designed by Gregory Gatserelia, one of the top 100 interior designers in the world, according to Architectural Digest.

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Co-founder of Gatserelia Design, a company based in Beirut and Milan since 1985, this famous and creative designer has left his artistic touch all over the world, having executed projects in London, Beirut, New York, Paris, Dubai, and Jordan, among other places. 

Many of his designs are award-winning hotels, restaurants, and clubs, and his accomplishments are nonending. He's also an adviser of 21st-century Design and was 3 times a distinguished jury of the PAD awards in London.

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His success and fame are a result of his unique and artistic point of view when it comes to interior designing, with each of his art projects standing as one of a kind.  And Spine Beirut is one of them.

Described as an unparalleled lounge, the design of this Lebanese bar is perceived internationally as a living proof of Gatserelia's creativity, sense of space, and artistic structure.

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What sets this rooftop lounge apart, in addition to its nightlife ambiance and fine food, it's how the overall design compliments and enhances the view of Beirut's landscape and the sea as its lighting structure animates the night sky, stimulating and enhancing the colors of Beirut's amazing sunsets.

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It is said that, during the evenings, as the lounge's lighting becomes dynamic and playful, the guests feel as if floating in space despite the safety glass.

Gatserelia explains that simulation in these words: "Physically, they stop looking outward. They are so attracted by the light that they look into each other or the light. The energy is meant to stay in the place and in the moment."

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All those characteristics have made of Spine Beirut a winner of these two prestigious awards and the destination of choice for many Lebanese and international visitors. 

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