This Cosmic Event Hasn’t Occurred Since 2004 And It’s Happening This Saturday, You Don’t Want To Miss It


There is a rare event taking place this Saturday, June 25th at dawn and it involves the planets. This is more or less a one-time occurrence and probably won’t happen again until 2040.

This scenery will drop your jaws as to the breathtaking view and the stunning occurrence. It is the perfect show for those astronomy lovers and science enthusiasts. Even those who are not that much into science and the planetary system will be amazed.

The moment of its occurrence might seem like a stunning illusion. The Moon along with five planets –Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn – will appear lined up in the sky.

Lebanon Weather Forecast – LWF

The exceptional thing about this event is that you don’t even need a telescope to witness it. Matter of fact, you’ll be able to see the whole thing solely through your naked eyes.

All you need is timing. It should be at its clearest at dawn about 1 hour before sunrise; estimated to be at 5:30 A.M in Lebanon. This time is specific to the south governate but close enough to the other regions.

While you can watch this planetary phenomenon with the naked eye, you are advised to use binoculars for an added thrill.

The only extra thing required for vivid access to this cosmic show is your eagerness and a lucid flow in the sky tracing the path of the alignment.

The event already peaked on Friday, June 24th, yet according to Lebanese Weather Forecast (LWF) can still be seen on Saturday, June 25th.

This event is global and so you’re not obliged to travel anywhere to see it. You’ll be shocked to know that such a “heavenly” sight was recorded in December 2004 and never reoccurred until now.

Stargazers will be out on the look for this event and so should you. Make sure you don’t miss this outstanding experience as it won’t return before approximately 20 years from now.

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