Rare Photos Of Lebanon In The 1800s

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Lebanon was always a place that attracted the interests of explorers, some for its historical and archeological sites, and some for the culture and beauty of its land.

Around 2 centuries later, we look at a past era of Lebanon from the lenses of foreign and local photographers and artists who once explored our country.

That was Lebanon in the 1800s, during which the Lebanese hadn’t yet freed themselves from foreign rulers, and also came to fall into the trap of their own internal conflicts that turned into a civil war.

Youssef Beik Karam (May 15, 1823 – April 7, 1889) – The Reader Wiki

However, the nation prevailed the best they could to ensure that, one day, Lebanon will still be here for the coming generations, holding on to its rightful existence, for us, their descents.

This is in their memory.

Lebanese men from Mount Lebanon, late 1800s

Beirut in the 1880s

Beirut Hospital staff party, 1898 (most probably AUB)

Ain Mreisseh, Beirut in 1897

Construction of the port of Beirut, 1893

American Evangelical Church, Beirut 1890

Tripoli Souks, 1889

Lebanese farmer 1890

A glimpse at life in Tyre in 1898

Matson Collection – Library of Congress

Mail Carriages at Hotel Victoria in Chtaura, 1880

French expeditionary corps in Beirut, 16 August 1860

Military Wikia /  A FANDOM

The French expeditionary corps of 6,000 soldiers, led by General Beaufort d’Hautpoul, landed in Beyrouth on 16 August 1860 with orders to collaborate with the Ottoman authorities in reestablishing order during the deadly conflict between the Druze and Maronite communities.

Sidon, South Lebanon, 1881

Busy, busy, Beirut Souks in 1880

Coastal view of Beirut in 1886

German Emperor Wilhelm II visiting Lebanon in 1898

Wolf Dieter Lemke via Goethe Institut Libanon

Baalbek officials receiving Emperor Wilhelm II in their city, 1898

Group of people seating on and around a cedar in Lebanon, 1898

Beirut Hospital Ward, 1898

Sahet El-Burj – Place Des Canons, Beirut, 1898 (Today’s Martyrs’ Square)

A view of Beirut Small Serail & Sahet El Borj, late 1800s

Saint George Bay, Beirut, 1800s

Tanios Chahine, Leader of the historical Thawrat El-Fallahein (The Peasants’ Revolution), 1860

Lebanese brides, 1880

Lebanon Central Naval Museum

Byblos (Jbeil) in 1893

Students at the American University of Beirut, 1898

Matson Collection – Library of Congress

Nurses at the American University of Beirut, 1898

Library of Congress – Matson

Lebanese women from Zahle and Zgharta, 1873

The photo is claimed to be of Lebanese Christian women from Zahle (on the sides) and Zgharta (in the center).

Class time in Beirut, 1890

Tyre Port, 1898

Britain’s Princes visiting Baalbek on May 3rd, 1882

Prince George (future King George V) and his brother Prince Albert Victor (in the center) with their tutor Reverend John Dalton, and local officials.

Prince of Wales at the British Consulate in Beirut, May 1862

Royal Collection Trust / F Bedford Beyrout

The camp of the traveling companions of the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII) on the ground of the British Consulate in Beirut.

Bashi Bazouk mercenaries, Lebanon 1862

Mercenary soldiers in the Ottoman Army, the Bashi Bazouks were employed as bodyguards to the Prince of Wales and his companions during their trip in Lebanon and through the Holy Land. 

Baalbek women preparing of pomegranate molasses, 1898

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