6 Rare Pictures Of Old Beirut That Will Step You Back In Time!

We Lebanese know Beirut by heart! We know all the shortcuts, the hidden restaurants that offer amazing food, and the small stores that sell everything we need!

But how much do we know about old Beirut? Have a look at some rare vintage pictures of Beirut!

#1 Snow in Old Beirut!

This picture was taken next to the Continental Hotel, Raouche. Wouldn’t it be cool if it snows in Beirut every year? The white coat seems to suit Beirut!

#2 Venice? Nope. Just flood!

No, we did not have the Lebanese version of Venice back in the old days. That’s a flood right next to Hotel Phoenicia.

#3 The Green Line (Khat El Tames)

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THE GREEN LINE, BEIRUT 1975 – 1990 ———————————— "All of nature is a yearning for service: The cloud serves, and the wind, and the furrow. Where there is a tree to plant, you be the one. Where there is a mistake to undo, let it be you. You be the one to remove the rock from the field, The hate from human hearts, And the difficulties from the problem. There is joy in being wise and just, But above all there is the beautiful, The immense happiness of serving. How sad the world would be if all was already done. If there was no rosebush to plant, No enterprise to undertake. Do not limit yourself to easy tasks. It's so beautiful to do what others dodge. But don't fall prey to the error that only Great tasks done can be counted as accomplishments. There are small acts of service that are good ones: Decoratively setting a table, Putting some books in order, Combing a little girl's hair. That one over there is the one that criticizes, This other one is the one that destroys. You be the one that serves. Serving is not a labor just for inferior beings. God, who gives fruit and light, serves. His name could be rendered thus: He Who Serves. And he has his eyes on our hands, And he asks us at the close of day: "Did you render service today? To whom? To a tree, to your friend, to your mother?" – Gabriela Mistral – See more at: http://www.awakin.org #beirutgreenline #beirut #poetry #poetrycommunity #civilwar #GabrielaMistral #poet #NobelPrize #greenlove #naturelovers #giardinoplanetario #naturerevenge #abandonedplaces #abandonedbuilding #Lebanon #poetsofinstagram #giardinoitaliano #landscape_lovers #ig_garden #ig_gardens

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You’ve certainly heard a lot about the line of demarcation. Now you have a mental image of it!

#4 This is how kerosene used to be delivered!

Those were simpler times!

#5 Vintage MEA Poster!

MEA has always been making sure to offer the best service!

#6 The airport looked drastically different!

It looks way better now, but at least there wasn’t traffic in front of the entrance back then! If you’re interested in seeing how old Lebanon looks like in motion, check out a colored video of Lebanon in 1969!

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