Rare whale was just spotted near Naqoura beach

A Lebanese fisherman spotted a rare whale near Naqoura beach in Southern Lebanon. Hussein Kassab was on a boat between Naqoura and Tyre when he saw a whale swimming near the surface of the water. The Fin Whale is 17 meters long. It is the second-largest mammal on Earth after the blue whale. According to


, the Fin Whale is friendly and it is found in all the major oceans and seas. Unfortunately, this type of whale is at risk of extinction. The Lebanese beach has always attracted whales and dolphins. The South of Lebanon is also a famous destination for sea turtles. Unfortunately, Lebanon and its beaches are drowning in our waste. Let’s keep our country clean to make sure our environment is healthy and safe for humans and animals. It would be great to see more sea animals visiting our shores.

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