8 Lebanese Black Mirror Episodes You’d Think Are Actually Real

@blackmirror/Alexander Dudar

Black Mirror is known for exploring dark themes set in dystopian settings, and Lebanon makes the perfect candidate for exploring such events.

We already explored Lebanese superstitions that could eerily be Black Mirror episodes.

One thing’s for sure if an apocalypse was to break out in the future, the Lebanese would probably be the last ones standing due to the trials they have to face every day.

Could all our hardships be a blessing in disguise?

We made a gripping mini-series that delves into Lebanon’s darkest corners, drawing inspiration from the thought-provoking style of Black Mirror.

Explore the eerie parallels between Lebanon’s reality and the dystopian themes that Black Mirror has become renowned for.

Episode One: City Blackout

What screams dystopia other than a total power outage? A common occurrence in Lebanon, and an event that we face and struggle with every day.

Picture this, Beirut has been immersed in total darkness. You can no longer rely on backup generators, only the dim light of a burning candle is your guide.

Citizens huddle up next to a small fire, businesses are closed, and the only sound you can make up is that of your own breathing. Yet, this blackout isn’t a random occurrence.

When darkness is thickest, that is when clandestine activities take root. Where will you hide, and will you be able to outrun the shadows stamped to your back?

Episode Two: The Fortune Telling AI

Politics has always been a big part of Lebanon’s dynamics, so what happens when a young developer invents an AI that can eerily predict political events?

Assassinations, corruption, hidden affairs, the list is endless. The AI will expose everything, but will the people rise to fight when presented with hard truths? Or will they hunt the AI for ruining their rose-colored views?

Most importantly, which side will you be on?

Episode Three: Memory Wipe

A major tech company has set up its headquarters in our streets and has begun its agenda to morph Lebanon into one that shares its vision.

Our heritage, culture, and language, will be wiped out one by one. And those who oppose the change? Their fate isn’t that of fairytales.

Will you join the resistance to preserve the Lebanon you grew up in? Or will you succumb to the futuristic ideals of outsiders?

Episode Four: VR Reunion

There are many Lebanese in the diaspora who find it difficult to stay connected with their families.

The future has finally come up with a solution: an interactive VR that lets you be in real space with your family and your hometown.

A young Lebanese person finds himself stuck in the VR environment during a crisis that threatens his family back home, and all he can do is simply…watch.

Episode Five: Holographic City

A war has ravaged Lebanon, rendering it to ash. The people that still live there, are huddled within shacks and leftover debris.

Yet, the tourism sector doesn’t have to suffer the aftermath. Even though, the historical landmarks that defined our culture, and the beautiful locations that made our country a gem of the middle east have been destroyed.

Each year, a guided tour will take a group of tourists to present them with a holographic experience of the country that once was.

Episode Six: All Eyes On You

Perhaps, we have gotten used to the government not caring about its citizens. It is a freedom that some might call lawlessness.

But, what happens when the higher-ups start caring a bit too much?

Camera drones have been installed in your house, and your brain is installed with monitoring chips to keep track of your thoughts and emotions. Political parties are issuing orders of arrest based on what they see in your mind!

Now, that is capital control taken to another level!

Episode Seven: Robo Teachers

The Lebanese public education sector has always been in shambles. Thankfully, the government has finally found a solution!

Introducing AI-powered robots that will act as human replacements. Now, the government won’t have to worry about paying decent salaries or even fixing the school system. It’s a good thing we finally have a government that listens to its citizens!

I mean, what can go wrong with AI Robots that are sanctioned to teach our future generation whatever the government commands?

Episode Eight: Biometric Pass

Lebanon is a diverse country that holds many religious views that are trying to co-exist in its small land.

In the far future, the government has issued biometric IDs that prohibit a citizen from visiting certain locations or applying to certain jobs based on their religion and political views in order to keep the “peace”.

It’s a future that was once a reality during the civil war, but now with advanced technology, your religion is part of your DNA. In other words, there is no escape.

Maybe it’s time to abandon such beliefs, in order to avoid such a dark future.

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