23 Reasons To Take A Roadtrip To Kfarhouna In Lebanon

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A hidden gem to explore, the ancient village of Kfarhouna in Jezzine goes back to the Phoenician times, hence its Aramaic name, originally Kfar Ahoni, meaning The Village of Young Siblings.

Kfarhouna, also called Kfar Hoûné, is located some 80 km from Beirut at 1100-1300 meters above sea level. This glaring yet underrated village that is little talked about boasts amazing greenery, astonishing sceneries, and beautiful sites worth a road trip.

Now it’s probably the time to escape the hustle and stress of daily life and take a peace-infusing journey of discovery through this serene yet active town in South Lebanon.

#1 A shiny gem atop the mountain

#2 A village of rich history

#3 Beautiful traditional houses

#4 Well-preserved ancient structures

#5 The ancient monastery of St George Al-Muzayraa

#6 Saj bread on the making at the monestary

#7 Remnants of the monestary’s old mill

#8 Paradisic nature

#9 Abundant greenery

#10 Nights of otherworldly serenity

How closer than this could you ever feel to the moon?

#11 Spectacular sunsets that paint the sky in glorious colors

#12 A great hiking destination

#13 Centenary trees that are awe-striking

#14 A spring of life

#15 Equally beautiful in winter

#16 You’ll get to admire the milkyway

#17 Nature activities don’t lack

#18 It’s rich in local produce

#19 Where harvesting is a happy community activity

#20 And food is as deliciously fresh as locally produced can be!

#21 Discover savory herbs at The Good Thymes in town

#22 The Imam Ali Mosque

#23 A Beautiful religious site to vist: Notre Dame de L’Assomption

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