5 Reasons You Should Visit Tebnine In South Lebanon

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Spread along glamorous hills, the town of Tebnine, Bint Jbeil district, is situated in the heart of the mountain of “Amel.”

Visiting Tebnine is a must for the following reasons:

#1 Another Level Of Beauty

It is surrounded by a cover of green. Laid over is a minimalist design of traditional architecture. Best of all, this mix generates a mesmerizing look for the eye and a wide area of exploration.

#2 Visit Tebnine Country Club

This is the place to enjoy your time by yourself, with family and friends. You can exercise and try out a variety of activities.

#3 Quality Time with the Fam

“I love Tebnine”. Prepare yourself for a calm evening next to nature’s top views.

#4 You Can Hike to the Crusaders’ Castle

Crusaders Castle is a Hiker’s destination in Tebnine. Take a walk inside and recall the historical stories.

#5 A Multicultural Gem

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