10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Tripoli In Lebanon


In the north of Lebanon, an amicable aura rises from a humble scaled city that was once the great Phoenician capital that reigned over the seas.

Tripoli, a historic northern city has it all. Sandy beaches, friendly people, ancient sites, and delicious cuisine.

If Tripoli isn’t already on your bucket list of cities you should visit, here are 10 reasons why you should visit this beautiful city on the Mediterranean coast.

#1 The locals

Wherever you visit in the world, part of the experience is learning about the people who live there, including their culture, history, traditions, and their quirks.

It’s a known fact that the people from Tripoli provide one of the best hospitality in the country and will welcome you with open arms. Well, that fact still rings true.

Most people there are very friendly and always willing to help. No matter where you go in the city, you’ll most likely encounter locals who will leave you with a smile.

#2 Historical sites

The city has many ancient and historical sites, including the Hippodrome, the Roman Necropolis, the Monumental Archway, and the Roman Bathhouse.

Tripoli was added to UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites in 1984 for a good reason. You’ll find yourself among some of the most beautiful open-air archaeological places. Magical and very well preserved.

Just a warning, you might find yourself lingering for many hours taking photographs of the beauty surrounding you.

#3 Tripolitan lahm bi ajeen

Lahm Bi Ajeen is one of Tripoli’s most famous specialties, served at any time of the day.

The thin crispy dough served with a delicious meat mixture is totally irresistible and even hooking.

The small bakeries can be found on every corner of Tripoli’s streets, and are equipped with ovens specifically used for baking dough for lahm bi ajeen as well as other pastries.

#4 Tripoli’s Islands

Waves passing onto the shore, lapping at the golden sand beneath your feet is where you’ll find yourself if you end up visiting Tripoli’s islands!

You can’t talk about this city without mentioning its spectacular islands where the sun beats down upon your head, filling your heart with its warmth.

One of the famous Tripoli islands is the Palm Islands Nature Reserve, which consists of three flat, rocky islands of eroded limestone and the surrounding sea area. Located 5.5 kilometres offshore and northwest of the city of El Mina.

#5 Hallab 1881

You will be pleasantly surprised as Lebanon’s second city is bursting with an amazing food scene that will delight every visitor’s taste.

The origins of Lebanon’s sweets generally come from Tripoli, where the lavish amount of sugar and milk motivated locals to design heavenly sweets.

Mohammad Hallab (Hallab means milkman) has mastered this art, gaining a top-notch reputation since its inception in 1881. Hallab’s family business expanded and diversified, but their best and original branch remains in Tripoli.

All their sweets are completely mesmerizing. One thing that you surely will like is the traditional way of drinking water: From the Ibriq!

Hallab portrays Tripoli’s old-school and traditional culture by using the clay jug to store water, which ultimately makes it much tastier and cooler to drink, and definitely much healthier.

#6 Enjoy an affordable boat tour in the sea

Many people put off planning exciting trips or trying new activities since they assume it will be too expensive.

However, Tripoli is known for its fishermen who offer their modest boats from El-Mina to have a tour in the sea for very affordable prices.

#7 Old souks

A must visit place in Tripoli is the Old Souks. Distributed throughout its tight alleyways are a frenzy of multiple diverse shops ranging from handmade jewelry, antiques, natural soaps, and juicy cocktails!

Most of these shops were built and developed in different stages, but mostly all of them were built years ago. Which is why Tripoli truly is every vintage lover’s dream come true.

#8 Thrift shop

As we learn more and more about the negative effects of the fast fashion industry, a lot of people have turned to thrift shopping, which has dramatically increased in popularity over the recent years.

On an average day walking down Tripoli’s streets, you’ll find dozens of thrift shops available to cater to your fashion needs!

Their prices are amazingly reasonable, and it’s guaranteed that you’ll find whatever you’re looking for while simultaneously helping local businesses thrive!

#9 El-Mina and corniche

You haven’t fully experienced Tripoli until you’ve roamed around the colorful seaside neighborhood of El-Mina.

El-Mina and Corniche area lays out into the sea and is known by its tranquil and wholesome atmosphere. You’ll find yourself amid colorful old buildings where a cozy warm feeling will enrich your spirit.

#10 It’s Lebanon’s bride of the revolution

Lastly, it’s vital to mention that Tripoli saw a huge number of people actively protesting the current political and economic situation.

The protests have outshone those organized in other parts of the country with their intensity, commitment, and spirit.

Visiting Al-Nour Square where the protests where held will awaken you to the true soul of Tripoli, the city of peace that does not go down without a fight.

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