7 Reasons Why Lebanon Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

Lebanon is a tiny all-in-one country where you can find anything. If you’re into adventures and making ever-lasting memories, pack your bags and let’s find out what this Middle-Eastern gem is hiding!


Lebanon: Your Ultimate Travel Destination

#1 The Beach Is Out Of This World

The moderate Mediterranean climate makes Lebanon a perfect travel destination in summer. A well-spent day in Lebanon would be going to the beach. Why? Because it is simply GORGEOUS! P.S: For those who like to party anytime & anywhere, there are lots of amazing resorts in Lebanon where people can party all day!

#2 The FOOD


Oh, the food! The Lebanese cuisine just melts your heart. What’s amazing about Lebanon is that it is the hub of international food; you can find any cuisine there. Plus, to make it easier for you to taste all this treasure in one place, you can visit Souk El Akel, a food festival that is organized every week. Travel & Leisure even ranked Beirut first place under the “Best International Cities for Food” for 2016! Truly really a must-visit place for foodies.



The nightlife in Lebanon is designed for party animals. From bohemian-styled pubs that offer a calm atmosphere to raving nightclubs, you will certainly find a party zone that suits your style. Find out more about the nightlife scene in Beirut by watching this video.

#4 Beirut: The Sweetheart Of The Middle-East


How can someone visit Lebanon without devoting some time to discover Beirut? This city has two layers: what foreign people see, and what Beirutis see. The latter will be your perfect guide to immerse you in the hidden dimension of Beirut because they know where the good stuff is.

A melting-pot and a fusion of the old and the new, Beirut proves more than any other city that true beauty is in diversity. Yes, it is a small city, but it has a lot to offer. For a better idea, check out this Beirut travel guide video!

#5 Lebanon Is Also A Time Machine


Lebanon is incredibly modern in many ways but it’s also full of blasts from the past (being the secret ingredient for its allure). Wandering various areas and villages and the roads through the mountains, you’ll find in your travels countless Phoenicians cities and towns that still exist, Roman baths, a Roman temple… all still standing proudly after thousands of years in our beautiful land.

#6 Extreme Sports


Is #YOLO still a way of life for you, years after the hashtag went out of style? Are you into extreme sports in the countryside or on the beach? Either way, you’ll find no shortage of thrill-seeking opportunities. Lebanon offers a wide range of sports that will certainly give you an adrenaline rush!

#7 You Do Not Have To Worry About Communication

As much as it is important to have fun while traveling, convenience is also nice, and one of the most nerve-wracking things about traveling to a foreign country can be the stress of not knowing the language. But never fear: almost all Lebanese people speak Arabic, English, and French, so you’ll have no problem communicating when you need to and before you know it you’ll be surrounded by new Lebanese friends! See you soon!


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