7 Reasons Why You SHOULDN’T Date A Lebanese Woman

Following the 7 Reasons Why You Should Date A Lebanese Woman, here are 7 reasons why you should pack your things and get out while you still have the chance!


#1 She Does Not Need You

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It’s true, this girl is independent. She can handle everything on her own and doesn’t need to be ‘taken care of’! She does not need you, but if you’re lucky, she’ll decide that she enjoys having you around and that’s everything.


#2 Her Confidence Level is Too High for you

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Hey, what’s wrong with being C-O-N-F-I-D-E-N-T! She needs neither your approval nor your appraisal. And frankly, she’s apathetic to what you think of her! This gives you no other choice but to adapt to her the way she is. Love it or leave it! Respect her and you’ll get that same respect right back from her – that’s how a POWER COUPLE is born!


#3 Her Ambition Could Outshine Yours

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The Lebanese women I know seem to succeed in literally anything they feel passionate about! It doesn’t matter what it is. If she wants to be BOSS at it, SHE WILL. She’ll follow her heart, do what she loves, and get what she wants. You could be afraid that you’ll never measure up, but you need to keep in mind: IT’S NOT A COMPETITION. If her shine is too bright and threatens you, turn the other way fool!


#4 She Could & Will Outsmart You

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And you’ll never know what hit you because she’s subtle and clever at getting what she wants (as mentioned above), and has all sorts of tactics and tricks up her sleeve.


#5 She’s Not Afraid to Fight Back

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The Lebanese woman is strong, fearless, outspoken, and knows when and where to put her foot down. She can put catcallers and cheaters to shame in an instant. Warning: Do not mistreat her! You’ll regret getting on her bad side.


#6 She Is Better Without You

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Honestly, if you’re not serious about her and the relationship, or if you’re not moving mountains to show her you want her, then she is better off without you and she knows it!


#7 She is whatever the hell she wants to be!

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I think that speaks for itself… A Lebanese woman, like all women, are and aren’t all of the things mentioned above, and are surely not limited to any of society’s labels and social standards.

In case you missed it, this is a sarcastic article.


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