10+ reasons you should get a dog

Lebanon witnessed a series of dog poisoning in several regions last week. Heartbreaking 


 have been posted online, and activists are hardly working on protecting animals despite the fact that an 

Animal Protection and Welfare Law

 is already in place. Owning a dog is the secret of a happy life. Whenever someone wants to get a dog, people start talking about the negative aspects such as walking the dog every day or spending a lot of money on vaccinations and food. However, barely anyone mentions how much a dog can change your life. These animals are loving, caring, and funny. There are thousands of reasons why you should get one.

They are furry therapists

Dog owners know very well that their pets are the best therapists in the world. Whenever you’re feeling down, a dog’s waggy tail and goofy smile can make your day!

Dogs are protectors

  Whether you’re walking at night or you’re at home alone, a dog can make you feel 1000 times safer. It’s true; sometimes they can be over-protective, but that’s only because they care about your safety.

They encourage you to be fit and healthy

  You will never put off exercising ever again. Dog owners walk their pets from two to three times a day. Having a dog means you will work out on a daily basis and explore your region.

They make you laugh

  There is nothing more hilarious than goofy dogs! They cannot talk, but they somehow manage to make you laugh hard. Go figure out how. Remember that laughing is the best medication.

Dogs can save your life

  There were many times when stray dogs saved people on the street from theft or rape. Domestic dogs bark when there is a stranger outside your door. They can also save your life because they feel when someone is sick.

They are smarter than you think

  Owners agree that dogs are smart! They can adapt to a routine very quickly and learn all about your behavior, preferences, and taste. They also know when a person has bad intentions towards you. So, trust your gut and your dog!

Dogs help you become more social

  You will meet at least three people and have a conversation with them while walking your dog, not to mention the ones who want to pet your dog and take a selfie.

They are a human’s best friend

Dogs will stick with you no matter what. They don’t care about your wealth, your race, or your social status. All they want is to love and be loved.

Dogs teach you a lot about life

Dogs are honest about everything, especially about the way they feel towards other people. They teach you to cut the toxic people out of your life and appreciate the little things.

They make the world a better place to live

You’ll never be alone

Dogs follow you everywhere and want to know everything about your whereabouts. There is nothing better than spending Friday nights watching a movie with your dog.

Dogs are great companions for people with special needs

  People who have special needs such as physical and mental disabilities often get a service dog to help them out. A lot of children with autism become calmer and feel safer when their dog is around.

Dogs make you a better person

Dog owners promote the safety of animals and are aware that they are an important part of our ecosystem and society.

If you want to get a dog, consider adopting from the shelters in Lebanon such as BETA.

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