Here’s A Full Recap Of Everything Since William Noun’s Arrest Last Night, In Case You Missed It

Nabil Ismail

Last night was chaotic. So here’s a quick recap to get you caught up in incidents that happened before and after she cut her hair.


William Noun, the spokesman for the families of victims of the Beirut Port explosion, has called for the investigation into the blast to be internationalized and for Lebanese judges to be stronger in their pursuit of justice. Noun’s brother, a firefighter, was among the victims.

Noun has been detained by authorities and his family’s house searched, reportedly due to alleged statements he made that the Justice Palace would explode if justice was not served. Protests have erupted in response to his arrest, with roads being blocked in several areas in support of Noun.


William Noun, the spokesman for the families of the Beirut Port Blast victims, has called out Lebanese Judges as being too weak. William Noun’s brother, firefighter Joe Noun, was one of the victims of the Beirut Port explosion.

He’s demanding that the Beirut Port blast investigation be internationalized as the only way to get justice. He emphasized that the families and the victims have been waiting for answers and justice for far too long and will not accept any further delays or obstruction in the investigation.


William Noun was detained and authorities have been searching his family’s house for several hours.

The arrest and raid are reportedly due to alleged statements made by William Noun that the Justice Palace would explode if they don’t get justice.

He was initially detained at the State Security in Furn el Chebek, but has been relocated to Ramlet el Bayda facility.

Crowds formed outside the State Security in Ramlet el Bayda in protest of the detention and raid.

William Noun was with his lawyer and MP Melhem Khalaf was present. About another 7 MPs joined him throughout the night.

His Lawyer said that the investigation hasn’t begun yet and they’re demanding his immediate release, despite being held for almost 12 hours.

Protests erupted in Byblos blocking the main highway over in solidarity with William Noun. Protestors and the Lebanese army went back and forth blocking the road and then clearing it throughout the night.

Clashes erupted between State Security and protestors in Ramlet el Bayda.

Roads were blocked in Saifi, in front of the Kataeb HQ.

The main highway in Kfar Aadiba just outside of Batroun was blocked Northbound in support of William Noun.

The investigation and interrogation of William Noun only began after 12 hours of being detained.

Lebanese Forces MP Ziad Al-Hawat called for all roads to be shut over William Noun‘s arrest because “they should be for the people and not the thugs.”

Judge Zaher Hamadeh eventually gave the notice to detain William Noun, despite being in custody for over 12 hours already. This notice ensures he remains detained at the State Security facility.

William Noun‘s said that a trap was laid against William and he’s urging the judges to be fair.

PSP MP Marwan Hamadeh said that the way William Noun was handled is a new assassination for all Lebanese people. He went on to say that we are on the verge of a revolution much bigger than 2019.

MP Paula Yacoubian said that the arrest of William Noun “doesn’t happen in this manner.” She went on to call it “a black day for justice.” She encouraged them to “stop this farce and that the sanctity of blood and martyrdom be respected.

Things erupted between the Lebanese Army and protesters in Byblos. Videos surfaced showing Lebanese soldiers beating protestors as well as a priest and has caused a public outcry among people and MPs.

It has been revealed that William Noun wanted to turn himself in on Monday after being summoned. Despite people discouraging him from doing so, he insisted he will set a good example. However, the circumstances around his arrest seem to suggest they wanted to make a lesson out of him and force him to be jailed over the weekend. As was confirmed by MP Yacoubian outside of the State Security facility.

MPs Alain Aoun and Simon Abi Ramia, who belong to former President Michel Aoun‘s Free Patriotic Movement, were spotted drinking at Bar du Port, according to ThawraMap.

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