10 Reasons To Drop By Rechmaya On Your Next Road Trip


Located about 30 kilometers from Beirut, in the district of Aley, is the wonderful hidden village of Rechmaya.

#1 Beautiful natural scenery

At first glance, this fertile village surrounded by green mountains will boast its natural beauty. Rechmaya is also known for its gorgeous waters.

#2 Al Tannour River

The origin of the name Rechmaya comes from the Syriac Rish Mayo meaning The Source, referring to the abundance of fresh water sourced from the Al-Tannour river.

#3 Hiking

The valley makes for an astounding and memorable hike to the river.

#4 Camping

You can even set up camp near the river and gaze at the night sky, free of light pollution.

#5 Swimming

There’s no reason not to take a dip into the abundant waters of Rechmaya!

#6 The old architecture

You can find old stone houses, some of them abandoned. There are also some 17th-century churches to visit.

Fun fact: it is the hometown of Lebanon’s first president, Bechara El Khoury.

#7 Deir Seer, 18th-century monastery

Built in 1706 AD, the old monastery is perched on a beautiful hill surrounded by vineyards and oak trees. It is said that Emir Bashir Chehab spent his youth there and planted the famous “Jawzet El Mir” (the prince’s walnut tree).

#8 The Rechmaya distillery

The distillery is a great stop on your road trip to the village. It creates its own Lebanese spirits using the fresh waters of Rechmaya. You can kick back, relax, and try the distillery’s own gin, vodka, and arak.

#9 The Nabise Vineyards

In the countryside, these vineyards are where Nabise wine begins its journey. You can visit Chateau Nabise for wine tasting and relaxation.

#10 Nature escape

When escaping to nature is just what you need, Rechmaya has plenty to offer.