There’s now a mobile app that will make recycling in Beirut easier than ever!

Lebanon is drowning in its own waste, and no one has proposed a plan to end this crisis. Recycling is the best and the most sustainable solution. The problem is that there aren’t many recycling containers and facilities in Lebanon where people can casually dispose their trash while driving to college or work.

Live Love Beirut took this matter into its own hands and launched a mobile application called Live Love Recycle that makes recycling in Beirut easier than ever. All you have to do is download the app, put your recyclables in one bag, and order an e-bike driver to come pick it up. This service is free of charge! This initiative created many jobs such as e-drivers, cooks that prepare food for the drivers, and recyclers! That’s a great step forward! The app in available on

Google Play

. It will be available on the App Store soon.