Meet The Lebanese Artist Recycling Glass Into Beautiful Pieces Of Art


It is common knowledge that Lebanese people can do great things… this is especially true for the Lebanese youth that can find beauty and success despite the chaos and struggles.

Mariam Assi is a young Lebanese passionate about fine design and handcraft. She combined her name with the word Azal (Eternity in Arabic) to create her brand: Marazal. It is described as “the natural outcome of Mariam’s crave to immortalize memories and bewitch abandoned objects into unique pieces of art.”

She started her project in 2016 at the peak of Lebanon’s garbage crisis. Her initiative developed to become a small business where people go to find unique and eco-friendly products.

This creative young woman is from Ansar, South of Lebanon. She collects glass, recycles it, and turns it into wonderful pieces of art. Her talent and her drive to save the environment helped her in accomplishing this amazing project.

She gathers glass that people have no use for any more from all over, her surroundings, local businesses, and wherever she can find them, and then she goes on to transform them into pots, ashtrays, candles, and even lamps.

In many of her interviews, Mariam stressed the need to start personal initiatives like this one in Lebanon… especially when it comes to nature and reducing pollution.

The Lebanese youth are not giving up on bettering their country, every person with their own talents and resources.

Marazal is creating beautiful decoration while also trying her best to contribute in saving Lebanon from its ongoing waste crisis. Her initiative perfectly captures the Lebanese spirit and motivation.

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Meet The Lebanese Artist Recycling Glass Into Beautiful Pieces Of Art

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