Lebanese Red Cross Volunteer Dies After Getting Coronavirus


Friday morning was marked with the devastating news of the death of Lebanon’s Red Cross EMT Fadi Abou Hassan.

Abou Hassan passed away at the young age of 30, after being infected with the coronavirus while volunteering to help save others from the merciless coronavirus raging across the country.

The Lebanese Red Cross has undertaken more than 20,000 emergency operations during this pandemic. However, only 150 out of 4,000 Red Cross members have received the vaccine despite being daily at high-risk.

Instead, Health Minister Hamad Hassan, who has claimed achievements, decided to vaccinate over a dozen Lebanese parliamentarians, disregarding priorities and the contract with the World Bank.

In the opinion of the health minister, these Lebanese MPs needed to be rewarded for signing a certain approval related to the vaccine; basically, for doing the least of their paid job from their sheltered parliament building.

It is indeed unsettling when a health minister dwells in that line of thinking during a raging health crisis and takes a decision accordingly.

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Lebanese Red Cross Volunteer Dies After Getting Coronavirus

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