Reforestation Is Under Way In A Region In The Bekaa Valley!

Deforestation is a serious issue in Lebanon. With a population that is constantly growing, more forests are getting destroyed to be replaced by residential areas, shopping centers, or other types of buildings. Lebanon Reforestation Initiative (LRI) has been addressing this issue for a long time. In fact, LRI is an environmental project that aims at reforesting Lebanon and promoting a green and a sustainable environment. Recently, LRI has posted a video about a reforestation project which started in 2011 in Anjar which is located in the Bekaa Valley. In collaboration with a local forest guard named Hrair Kurdian, LRI is aiming at planting trees and protecting the environment in Anjar from deforestation and wildfires. LRI has organized many activities to promote environmental care such as a weeding competition, a rowing activity, and a mountain hike. These events were aiming at getting people involved in issues that are affecting their lives. In addition to that, this project has created 50 job opportunities in Anjar. LRI’s reforestation areas extend to northern Lebanon, Rachaya, and Chouf. Also, this organization works on reforestation, wildfire management, forest mapping, and tree nurseries. Sustainability is the solution to end the environmental crisis in Lebanon. This can be done by educating people and involving them in taking care of their surroundings. USAID funded LRI since 2011 which helped the organization to plant 48,000 seedlings in Lebanon.

Nature reserves in Lebanon

There are many

nature reserves

that are protecting the biodiversity and the wildlife in Lebanon. These reserves uncover the beauty of the nature in Lebanon. In fact, many of these reserves comprise places where you can swim, hike, bike, and explore cultural sites. The state of the environment directly affects our well-being. Taking care of it means taking care of ourselves. A greener Lebanon is a healthier Lebanon!

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