10 regions you must visit in South Lebanon!

If you need a quick getaway, pack your bags and head south!

Bint Jbeil

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The area around Bint Jbeil has been inhabited for thousands of years. Historians claim that the founders of Bint Jbeil were the Phoenicians.


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Bkassine Pine Forest is a famous destination for hikers and adventure lovers. It is the biggest pine forest in Lebanon. Bkassine is the home of old bridges, heritage houses, and natural wonders.


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is surrounded by mountain peaks. Pine forests, vineyards, and orchards make this town a famous tourist destination in summer. This region has the largest pine field in the Middle East. The town is known for producing pine nuts, olive oil, olives, kechek, and jam.


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Maghdouche is famous for a shrine which is known as Our Lady of Mantara or Our Lady of Awaiting. In fact, it is believed that the cave below the sculpture is where the Virgin Mary was waiting for Jesus when they were in Sidon.


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Marjayoun’s charming houses, fertile plains, and hiking trails attract tourists and adventurers.


Nabatieh is home to the Beaufort Castle which was built in the 12th century.


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The headquarter of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon is in Naqoura. There’s nothing like swimming there: the water is crystal-clear, and the beach is mesmerizing!


Jesus got invited to a wedding in Qana, Galilee which is currently located in southern Lebanon. He did his first miracle there when he turned water into




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, or Sidon, is one of the oldest cities in Lebanon. In fact, it is one of the 

Phoenician cities and towns

 that have been continuously inhabited ever since they have been established in the ancient times! It is home to a breathtaking sea castle, old souks, and beautiful beaches! While you’re there, try the famous sanioura and warbat with ashta!


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is among the 

world’s 20 oldest cities

. A Phoenician city that dates back to 2,750 B.C., Tyre is where you can find historical and natural wonders. It’s a great destination in summer where you can swim in the crystal-clear sea and visit interesting monuments!  The narrow alleys are the jewels of this city!

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