Beirut Governor calls for removal of unlicensed campaign posters

Lebanon, especially urban areas, is flooded with campaign posters. You can find them anywhere: walls, light poles, billboards, buildings, balconies, you name it. This happens everywhere in the world during election season, but not to this extent. A lot of these posters are placed in public areas or are unlicensed. The Governor of Beirut Ziad Chbib issued a


asking the candidates to remove the posters and banners that are placed in public places and the ones that are unlicensed. This decision was made “to preserve the capital’s civilized image.” These banners are not only destroying Beirut’s image, but they are also polluting the area. As soon as the election is over, they will be removed and thrown in the garbage, making the trash crisis in Lebanon worse. The least they should do is recycle the posters. Therese Willkomm, who is a professor at the University of New Hampshire, is recycling election signs made of corrugated plastic to create devices for leaning tablets for people with disabilities with the help of her students. Assistive technology is expensive, and Professor Willkomm found a way to save money and save the environment at the same time.