Reporter Verbally Abused & Kicked Out Of Presidential Palace For Saying “Aoun” & Not “His Excellency”

Al Jadeed Reporter Got Verbally Abused In The Presidential Palace For Addressing The President By His Last Name
Al Jadeed I Arab News

Layal Saad got verbally abused and kicked out of the presidential palace because she addressed President Michel Aoun by his last name.

The Al Jadeed reporter said that she got yelled at and attacked because she asked “Does Aoun want to speak?” instead of “Does his Excellency President Michel Aoun want to speak?”

Saad claimed that the guy who attacked her is Lieutenant Shadi Ibrahim who proceeded to kick her out of the palace by saying “I don’t want to hear a word, get out, get out of the palace.”

A witness who was there accused Saad of lying claiming that she raised her voice at the Lieutenant first, to which Layal responded by urging the witness to tell the real story because her professionalism is at stake.

Layal Saad commented on the incident by stating that the people who do such things do not deserve titles or respect and that they have a superiority complex.

At a time when people are dying due to the lack of medicine, waiting up to 11 hours in line to get gasoline, living with little to no electricity, and struggling to put food on their plates, the president of the country is keen to preserve his reputation and rank.

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