Lebanese Reporter Climbed One Of The Highest Mountains In Europe!

The Lebanese photographer and reporter Nidal Solh climbed the Kazbek mountain, which is one of the four highest mountains in Europe. Solh raised the Lebanese flag at the top of the mountain which is located 5,033 meters above sea level. In fact, Kazbek is situated on the border between Georgia and Russia. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1916046991744842&set=pcb.1916047541744787&type=3&theater Solh climbed along with 18 other people who come from different countries which are Switzerland, Russia, and Ukraine. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1916046941744847&set=pcb.1916047541744787&type=3&theater Since he did not have any experience in climbing, Solh got in touch with the professional climber Dmitry Gozak and asked for advice. After getting prepared physically and mentally, he was ready for the trip! After several days of climbing and dealing with the bad weather, the team finally made it to the top! Nidal Solh is the first Lebanese to climb the Kazbek mountain!

A message to the world

A Baalbek native, Nidal Solh decided to climb the top of this mountain to show the world that the people of Baalbek love life. According to


, Solh believes that the media shows a negative image of Baalbek and its inhabitants. For that reason, he wanted to remind the world that Baalbek is the city of peace and that it does a lot of achievements on a national level!

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