Rescue Mission Of Mansourieh Building Collapse Took 6 Days and Only 4 Survived

Akhbara Lyawm

The Lebanese Civil Defense has officially concluded its search and rescue operations in the Mansourieh building collapse. According to a statement, eight bodies have been recovered, including four citizens and a foreign domestic worker.

The operations, which lasted for over five days, were under the direct supervision of Brigadier General Raymond Khattar and Minister of Interior Bassam Mawlawi.

Specialized teams used advanced equipment like thermal cameras and auditory detection devices to locate survivors and casualties without causing further damage to the structure.

While the Civil Defense teams demonstrated commendable skill and dedication, the incident raises questions about the state’s preparedness and resource allocation for such emergencies.

The lack of immediate governmental intervention and the absence of a robust infrastructure for disaster management are glaring issues that need urgent attention.

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