Residents Of Batroun’s Barren Lands Are Appealing For Help Amid Water Cuts


Residents in the barren lands of the Batroun area launched a protest against the water cuts for more than 10 days due to the power outage at the Kafr Falda station.

The residents denounced the water deprivation of the town, where there is the “Dallah and Gawawit spring” that feeds the region.

They pointed out that the villages and towns of the coast and the center of Batroun get water from the water spring in the barren lands. However, those who live in the barren lands are deprived of their water.

As a result, people were forced to buy water from tankers for millions of Lebanese pounds, while the water from their spring is sent to other towns.

They called on all those responsible in the water sector and for the affairs of the Batroun region and its people to take action and work immediately on providing them with water.

They also suggested that the officials either secure the electricity supply to the station or supply it with diesel to operate the pumps and secure water to the barren lands in Batroun.

The residents warned: “We will be resorting to escalating steps that will have negative consequences in case of non-response, and as soon as possible a solution should be found.”

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