Residents Of The Collapsed Building In Tripoli Are Now Living In Schools


Residents of Dahr Al-Maghar collapsed building have taken shelter in schools, waiting for the government to rebuild their homes.

The people who used to live in the collapsed building in Tripoli and the buildings adjacent to it, which are also prone to collapse, have moved to live inside Dahr Al-Maghar Public School and another nearby school until they find an alternative place to live in.

Members of the Tripoli municipal police distributed a number of mattresses and pillows to them, and an NGO helped by distributing clothes and other supplies to these families.

The now-homeless families complained that the authorities haven’t even started removing the rubbles of the building, probably hoping for remnants of their belongings.

They also demanded that the rest of the adjacent buildings that are threatened with collapse to be inspected, and called on the High Relief Commission to immediately provide them with alternative housing and necessary supplies.

The building collapsed on June, 26 in the Dahr Al-Maghar area of Tripoli, in North Lebanon, and several injuries were reported. A tender-age girl of 2 years, who was found under the rubble of the building, died.

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