There’s A Restaurant Called “Explosion Burger” Naming Menu Items After Beirut Port Blast

There's A Restaurant Called "Explosion Burger" Naming Items After The Beirut Port Blast

A restaurant in Mount Lebanon has decided to invest in the tragedy of the Beirut Explosion and sell sandwiches with names like “August 4” and “Explosion Burger.”

The Aley-based restaurant shamelessly uses a wide shot of the Beirut Port area, taken in the direct aftermath of the deadly blast, as the background for its Facebook banner.

The same photo is also used as the background for the old menu of “Explosion Burger;” the same menu that lists “Missile Burger,” “Explosion Burger,” “August 4,” and “Tragedy” as sandwich options.

Ironically, the restaurant’s new menu, which lacks the background of a dying Beirut but keeps the same items, misspells the word “Lebanese,” which might as well be a Freudian slip on the part of the “Explosion Burger” administration.

Conveniently, on the other hand, the new menu corrects the spelling of “Missile Burger” from the old version, “Missil Burger.”

This is not the first time a business or an individual has used the horrific crime that tore through Beirut in August 2020 to gain publicity, but it is certainly among the lowest.

To say the least, this audacity is an insult to the victims of the Beirut Port Explosion and their families.

It is an insult to the wounded people and the traumatized children who continue to suffer to this day.

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There's A Restaurant Called "Explosion Burger" Naming Menu Items After Beirut Port Blast

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