This restaurant in Lebanon serves the craziest burgers ever!

A restaurant in El Mrouj,

Chez Chakour

is all about bringing your craziest burger fantasies to life!   According to


, the founder of Chez Chakour started the burger craze in Lebanon in 1969 when he brought the hamburger idea from Bulgaria. At that time, restaurants in Lebanon mainly served Middle Eastern food. In 2014, he was about to shut down the restaurant because he believed that his son Mike couldn’t manage it. Two days later, Mike came up with the idea of a pizza burger. His father changed his mind, and the rest is history.   People on social media went crazy over the pizza burger. Now, the restaurant is mostly known for its tower burgers!   Chez Chakour makes everything from scratch such as the patties and the buns. Everything is fresh and gigantic!

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