Beirut Restaurant Priced The Man2ouch At 20,000LL On The First Day Of Reopening

زعتر عمو حمزة

After the bill of two Man2ouch cheese for 15,000LL that circulated the internet a few days ago, comes the 20,000LL Man2ouch cheese.

Restaurants and cafes in Lebanon reopened on Monday, May 4th. Although Lebanese authorities formed a well-thought process that ensures a safe reopening health-wise, it seems like nothing is being done to protect the consumers from prices seemingly out of control.

These are still high-rocketing with the dollar exchange rate, and the government is still to control or even acknowledge the issue.

The crazy prices are now being seen in restaurants after shops and supermarkets. Even snacks are becoming luxuries for many families.

This bill shared online shows the date 04-05-2020, which is the day of the reopening of restaurants in Lebanon. Aside from the 8,000LL for a Diet Pepsi and the 8,000LL for a Turkish coffee, this restaurant charged the Man2oush cheese at 20,000LL on the first day of reopening.

In total, this citizen paid 36,000LL for one Man2ouch, one soda, and one coffee. Grand Cafe, Raouche, has always been considered overpriced for most Lebanese citizens, but 20,000LL for one Man2ouch is a lot, even for a fancy restaurant.

It is as if these businesses want to make up for their lockdown’s losses in no time and yet at the shoulders of the citizens who have already incurred losses themselves with their jobs at a standstill.

It is certainly not a good start. The economy is an interconnected mechanism. It can’t possibly function if all those involved aren’t seriously considered.

If suppliers would come to lack demands or lose a major bulk of demands because of their unattainable prices, their businesses would not possibly survive.

In order for them to heal from the ravages of the lockdown, suppliers must work to win over the people. Unfortunately, the cost of living in Lebanon has become too high that most won’t be able to keep up with it.

Worst is that these increasing pricings show no indication to stop anytime soon unless serious and firm interventions are taken by the concerned authorities.