These Restaurants In Beirut Turned Into Emergency Relief Kitchens

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Having been locked out of business due to repeated lockdowns as well as Beirut’s horrific port explosion, several Lebanese restaurants are nonetheless stepping up and doubling as emergency kitchens to provide free meals to affected families and volunteers on the ground.

#1 Clé Du Chef

In the heart of Ashrafieh, Chef Fouad Abou Anton, who portrays the Culinary Art concept perfectly, has also portrayed generosity by organizing multiple ready-to-eat food boxes for the people in need of basic human necessities after Beirut’s port explosion blew away their shelter to ashes.

#2 Tawlet

This restaurant is famous for presenting every day a different cook from a different area of Lebanon to tell us the region’s traditions through food. It has turned what is left of there extremely damaged restaurant in Mar Mikhael into an emergency kitchen.

The chefs and staff are cooking and preparing thousands of traditional Lebanese meals every day, and delivering them to volunteers and anyone who needs it. 

#3 Manoir Abirached

This beautiful newly renovated typical Lebanese Manor is situated 15 minutes away from Beirut. It has announced that they will be offering their home to host dinners as a means to get together as well as raise funds for the ones in need. 

The perfect place for anything, from a lunch gathering or art exhibition to a gala, has now become a safe haven for helping the ones less fortunate.

#4 Souk El Tayeb

Souk El Tayeb, a farmer market, was launched in 2004 with the sole purpose of sharing food, traditions, and hospitality in a way that has helped bring together fractured communities.

And that is what they have been doing since the blast, turning into an Emergency Kitchen.

It is now calling out on volunteers to help gather any food resources that will be donated for free during there opening days:

  • Every Wednesday in Clemenceau at the Gefinor Centre from 11 am to 4 pm,
  • Every Saturday in Downtown Beirut at the Beirut Souks, as well as Trebles Street, from 9 am to 2 pm.

#5 Orenda

One of the few 100% vegan restaurants in Beirut, Orenda, have opened their space for all the volunteers to rest, vent, or have coffee and anything else they are able to offer, including food!

In an inspiring post on Instagram describing the damage the restaurant has faced, the owner’s stated: “But, throughout all this chaos, there is still hope. The people standing with the people, fixing whatever is left of their homes, offering a shoulder to cry on, cleaning the streets.”

#6 Meet The Veganz

Another reputable vegan restaurant in Beirut known for its unique ambiance and friendly staff, Meet The Veganz was destroyed by the explosion to the ground.

Yet, they opened their broken doors to collaborate between the Lebanese vegan community to help support relief for victims and volunteers of the Beirut Blast by providing free food boxes. 

#7 Makan

An old traditional Mar Mikhael house beneath the vine leaves, Makan welcomes visitors in their own vintage dining room to stand in solidarity with all their neighbors & friends in Beirut to prepare and cook daily meals offered for free to anyone and everyone in need.

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