These Restaurants Will Now Pay Taxes To Charities Instead Of Lebanese Govt

patriciagyammine | Em Sherif Cafe

“Do not donate to the Lebanese government, they have stolen and they will do it again.” This is the cry of every Lebanese to those who wish to send financial assistance to aid Beirut after the massive explosion nearly a week ago.

The Lebanese insisted, through social media, that no one should donate to their greedy government to help with the aftermath of the Beirut explosion.

Thus, this Lebanon-born restaurant chain took the initiative to donate its taxes to charities instead of the government.

In a post, the restaurant stated:

Em Sherif Restaurants Group announces that, upon opening any of its branches, after restoration, it will pay the 11% TVA, which it will collect, to the following associations:

  • Impact Lebanon
  • Sesobel
  • Lebanese Red Cross
  • Children Cancer Center
  • Lebanon of Tomorrow
  • Lebanese Food Bank
  • Caritas

This includes the Beirut-based Em Sherif Restaurant, Sea Cafe, and Cafe. Em Sherif’s act of power is inspiring!

Local, regional, and international businesses have also joined the cause, donating a portion or all of its profits after the explosion to humanitarian relief in Beirut.

Like Em Sherif, they are not going through the government. Rather, they are donating directly to NGOs in Lebanon to ensure that help goes where it’s needed.

So, if you’re looking for ways to help Beirut, wherever you are, head to places that are donating to Lebanon’s NGOs, and have some good food for charity.

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