15 Restaurants In Lebanon With Lent-Friendly Menus

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The lent season comes 40 days before Easter, by which Christians all over the world withdraw from eating meat, some even stop dairy products, as a way to reflect on Jesus Christ’s sacrifice in the desert for 40 days.

Lebanon cuisine in itself carries a big part of the Lebanese Christian heritage with many of its dishes passed down from generations and generations since the birth of Christianity in Lebanon.

And many in the country continue to preserve the religious tradition as sacred.

Now that the Lent season is already here, many in their outings look for vegan and vegetarian restaurants for lent-friendly menus to satisfy their hunger.

If you are fasting, this guide is for you.

#1 Falafel Abou André – Various locations

Falafel Abou Andre is one of the most suitable places to grab a lent-friendly meal, especially if you are in a hurry, or really hungry can’t indulge in waiting. Their falafel wraps are legendary, and they serve delicious foul, hummus, balila, and more!

Locations: Antelias, Jounieh, Jbeil, and Batroun.

#2 Ksar Lebanese Diner – Byblos

Ksar Lebanese Diner is having Lenten specials on its menu this season with delicious dishes like Hendbeh Bel Zeit, Kebbe Laktine, Bemyeh Bel Zeit, as well as fish dishes, like Samke Harra and so on. They are also delivering free of charge.

#3 Sandwich W Noss – Various locations

Sandwich W Noss is known for its delicious street food items. For the lent season, the restaurant is offering various Lenten specials, including veggie burgers, ultimate cauliflower sandwiches, and more.

Locations: Hamra, Furn El Chebbak, Mansourieh, Jal El Dib, Elissar & Jounieh.

#4 The Barn – Gemmayze

Known for their vegan items and dairy-free puddings, The Barn is a friendly place in Gemmayze serving organic and healthy food daily and offers a wide variety of lent-friendly meals.

#5 Diwan Beirut – Ashrafieh and Antelias

This friendly restaurant offers fine Lebanese cuisine, including Fish Sayyidiyeh, Moudardara, Bulgur bil Banadoura, tabbouleh, hummus, falafel, and more.

#6 Roadster Diner – Various locations

The popular Roadster Diner across Lebanon is offering Lenten specials like meatless burgers, shrimp sandwiches, tacos, rich salads, and more. And they also deliver.

#7 Luna’s Kitchen – Hamra

Luna’s Kitchen is one of the best-known vegan hubs place in Hamra. The restaurant is famous for vegan items like vegan pizzas, soy-based chicken dishes, and many more!

#8 Zaatar w Zeit – Various Locations

Zaatar W Zeit has long gained repute for its delicious Lebanese-inspired wooden-baked wraps and manouch in its variety.

The restaurant is now offering many items for lent like cheese balls, delicious fries, and a wide variety of salads.

#9 Salata – Saifi Village

You can find plenty of lent-suitable dishes at Salata that serves vegan and healthy salads, and side dishes.

#10 Cantina Sociale – Ashrafieh

Cantina Sociale is a self-service café and friendly hub serving healthy light meals, that can be perfect for anyone fasting. This place is also pet-friendly!

#11 El Estez Snack – Sodeco and Zalka

EL Estez snack in Sodeco and Zalka is also offering mouthwatering food for lent, including vegan fajita sandwiches, eggplant sandwiches, and more.

#12 Harvest – Delivery

Harvest delivers via Gozilla and Toters right to your doorstep delicious and vegan meals made from fresh local products, which will make it easier to try their dishes during the lent season.

#13 The Glow Paradise – Various locations

This vegan place offers healthy items suitable for lent and is most famous for its fruit and oats breakfast bowls, and tasty drinks, The Glow Paradise is located in Naccache and in Mar Mikhael (delivery only).

#14 Green Junkie – Delivery

Green Junkie prepares plant-based, clean meals and offers vegan options through delivery from Monday until Saturday, serving bows filled with pasta, fruits, veggies, salmon, and fish and chips.

#15 Coara – Chouf

Located in Chouf, this vegan-friendly place has been offering many delicious and plant-based items since 2002.

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15 Restaurants In Lebanon With Lent-Friendly Menus

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